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Certified Master Plumber

Our Services

All types of repair and installation.

 Harrington Plumbing, Inc. cares about their customers and fixes both residential and commercial plumbing needs the first time. We have hundreds of satisfied customers who call us back every time!

Our services include indoor and outdoor plumbing needs.

Water Heaters
Tankless Water Heaters
Shower / Tub Valves
Shutoff Valves
Garbage Disposals
Repipe Water Lines
Frozen Pipes
Outdoor Showers
Outdoor Hosebibs
Refrigerator Ice Maker Lines
Dishwasher Installation
Minor Bathroom Renovations
Under Sink Water Filters
Whole House Water Filters
Slab Leaks

Ready to Get Started?

Call us today at 843-881-0565 for an estimate!

Harrington Plumbing, Inc. cares about their customers and fixes the problem the first time. For 21 years, we have specialized in plumbing repairs and installation for your home and business, and we have hundreds of satisfied, repeat customers!

Why Choose Us

Family Owned & Operated

Harrington Plumbing is owned and operated by James and Stacey Harrington. James does all the plumbing work and Stacey does all the scheduling and answers all phone calls.

One Plumber

James is the only plumber that comes to your home or business. The advantage is he does all the work and knows your plumbing needs.


Harrington Plumbing started their business in 2002 and has serviced the Charleston area for 21 years.

Wide Variety of Services

Our services include many areas of indoor and outdoor plumbing. Anything that is water related, we service it.

Licensed & Insured

Harrington Plumbing is licensed and insured in all cities in the Charleston area as well as the county and state.

Certified Master Plumber

James is a certified Master plumber and has been working for over 27 years in the plumbing field.